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Feel like eating out tonight? Well with it’s as easy as searching for the closest Chinese restaurant within your area. Simply select your suburb then Search for restaurants closest to you. You can even select a wider radius, read reviews and much more.

Find local Chinese restaurants throughout Australia, get a quote or make a booking using a website that connects you to a local Chinese restaurant of your choice.

Powered by dLook Online Directory, takes dLook’s Quote System, reviews, coupons and other special features and combines them within this restaurant directory to make searching as easy as possible.

Find a Local Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese society puts high regard in food and food preparation. Both the rich and the poor understand that nutritious and well-prepared food is part of their basic necessities. Based on the earliest recorded history in China, food came from sacrificial animals like dog, sheep, ox, cattle, and water buffalo. Salt was an important component of the cuisine as it is used to preserve fish and to trade for wheat.

The cuisine developed during the Han Dynasty wherein ginger, soy beans, pears, lotus root, plums, strawberries, red lentils, rice, wheat, and barley were used as ingredients. Fish continued to be a part of the cuisine. But it is during the Han Dynasty when China was divided into two dietary regions, the north consumed more wheat while the south preferred rice as its primary grain.

Chinese food seems to be the most popular cuisine in the world. It is not only the Chinese who thrive on consuming Chinese dishes but also the billions of people all over the globe. What is it in this cuisine that people continues to find the food irresistible?

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Restaurant Reviews

Want to know more about a restaurant before you make a booking? Why not read up on the latest reviews and find out what others think? You can read the most recent reviews, or add a review of your own.

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